The Dissertation Party Dress

I learned sewing in elementary school, did some there and at home. In junior high school I also took sewing but since I took science in high school there was no place for sewing and crafts. When my sister turned 25 she got a new sewing machine so I got her old one.

I have wanted to do something for a while, so I decided to do something for my boyfriend’s thesis defense party. I bought a pattern from an online store and the second I walked into the small fabric store in my town I found the perfect fabric.

So I got to work and the result became a red dress, stunning in my opinion. Many people at the party knew I had made my dress, my mum thought I had failed and later bought one. But it was my own creation. A silk fabric for the main part and chiffon (hard to sew…!) sleeves. Without further ado, here it is:

Project Summary:

Make: Svenska Mönster 9v04, view A
Difficutly: No rating on pattern. My rating: Dress simple, sleeves hard (since they’re meant for chiffon)

Fabric: Silk with embroidery, chiffon.

Notions: Invisible zipper, interfacing

Project grading: The dress was simple to sew, the sleeves were hard as I had never sewn in chiffon at all. Luckily the pattern designer helped me out via e-mail with how to handle chiffon.


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