I like fashion

I do like fashion. But I don’t live by it. I have my own views and do not follow any trends. This is my take on fashion:

I do, from time to time (OK, very often), check out various fashions sites, blogs or magazines for inspiration in my own work. What is hot, what is not? I must also say that I like looking at Haute Couture, but that’s more in a fantasy sort of way, like reading a fairytale. Then there are the reporters…

Someone who thinks the world of fashion. Someone who one week can write “buy this, it’s the coolest thing ever and a welcome change in today’s trends” so that they the next week can write “throw this out, it’s so over and I’m so tired of that trend” (“this” being the same item in both these contexts). Someone who’s not ashamed of buying clothes with all of their pay (plus I’m guessing that they’re getting things for free if they talk them up).

OK, I must admit that I’m not too keen on eighties fashion because I’ve already lived through it once. But the things I buy now I will probably keep until it falls apart. I like to think that I’m never totally out of style or the trends just because I don’t follow them to the teeth. I’m me, I wear what I like, I do what I like. That’s it.

I really hate those people who say “I don’t follow every trend” but then once a new trend emerges, they want it. OK, if you’re the first person to do, take a lot of heap for it and then turn it into a trend then you have something to say. But if you just follow, do you think it looks good or do you just don’t want to stand out? Think about it.

I’m not a trendsetter; the only thing I managed to successfully spread to the entire school was head lice in elementary school. But I don’t really care since the clothes I make are for me anyways.

I stumbled across an article with the exact meaning of my post. So I thought I’d choose the quotes (Warning! There’ll be many!) that best prove my point.

Previously you should find yourself, now it’s the celebrities that control what things you have to have

No one controls what I have to have. Besides the only things I have to have are clothes, that keep me warm and comfortable, if they look good and are fun it’s just a bonus. I control what I wear and maybe the ones that feel like this quote really are sheep.

For the one who wants the latest, fashion is a game. A shallow game that isn’t about taste but more about showing your knowledge and fashion awareness.

Sheep! I thought fashion and style was about showing yourself through your clothes. If I look like everyone else, what does that say about me? Absolutely nothing. Why should it be celebrities that have the monopoly of dressing themselves in their own style and have everyone follow? Let’s revolt!!

The own appearance has become a hobby. They [young men and women] have a strong interest in fashion, appearance and design/…/Far from everyone can afford it, but it’s very hard to go against the commercial ideals. It takes moral and courage.

Well, moral is something that’s lacking in today’s society so maybe that’s why nothing changes. How can they say that these people have an interest in fashion and design when they are just buying what they’ve spotted someone else wearing? I’d call it cloning, and proceed to say that I have an interest in design since I do in fact design clothes. The funny thing is that the next sentence is about who the readers want to look like. And that very few people think that they are not cloned and in stead have their own style. That we want to be individual and look like everyone else.

I know one thing though. If I make myself a piece of clothing, I’ll be unique; no one will have that garment. I don’t look for the latest things and reject it when someone says it’s so last season. I look for inspiration and do things I like.


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