Fashion Sheep

Next week, a collection by Madonna will be launched at H&M stores all over the world. Right now, it’s in advertising all over; and last week I spotted the TV commercial.

A girl comes in, not in ugly clothes of any kind, just personal (plaid skirt, knee-long socks and a bright red letterman’s jacket). She looks totally OK and very, very personal. However, Madonna doesn’t look at it this way. This girl needs to attend fashion school with her. Lesson; don’t think fashion, know it. And the rest of the commercial is transforming this girl into a Mini-Me version of Madonna, ending with them walking out together, wearing the same catsuit.

Since when is it wrong to be personal? There was nothing wrong with the way theis girl dressed. She looked personal and then, when Madonna was done with her, she looked like a cloned version. What is wrong with being personal? Does Madonna just want Mini-Me versions?

And it’s not like Madonna herself is a trend slave. For most part she has dressed personal, which then has started trends. But we’re, the normal mortal people, are not allowed to do that. Why not?


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