Big Spender

So this weekend I did something that was totally unlike me. I haven’t really gotten over the shock and my boyfriend’s also really surprised.

It all started in late March when my old sewing machine (which I got from my sister and she had bought it off E-bay) decided it was time to call it quits. Of course I wanted a new one (I wanted a new one even before it died, but at least then I had one). I thought I’d wait for me to get a job or for my birthday (in November) to see which came first.

It all changed, however, when my boyfriend decided to go away in next week, from Wednesday to Sunday. So I said I wanted a new sewing machine. Since I don’t have an income, he pretty much pays all the bills and food, but I have a stash in the bank. I asked him if it was OK.

I didn’t know what I want, but I saw that my local dealer had special prices on a few of their machines since that kind was going out of the selecion. So I went down to see what they had to offer. The ones on offer was high-tech, computerised machine, about 1000 dollars. They also had mechanical ones for a lot less.

I didn’t know what to do, should I buy the cheaper one, that I probably would be unsatisfied with when I had the money to buy a more fancy? Or should I spend a lot of money on something with good quality, even though I don’t have an income at all?

I decided to go with the more expensive one. The old me would have bought the cheaper one. I just save money. For nothing. I don’t know what I’m saving it for. Sure it’s good to have something in the bank, but I have quite a lot that I never use. I must enjoy it as well.

So now I have brand new sewing machine that is really fancy. Now I just have to sew. I have some fabric to use. I really must use it, otherwise I will never forgive myself, for spending all that money. What kills me inside is that my boyfriend, while paying all the bills, has no money to spend on himself. That makes me feel bad, and is why I asked him.

My sister said I could borrow her new one, but it’s way more fun to have my own. I just need to break it in then, hopefully, it’s sewing for all I’m worth (no, but at least some clothes)


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