A Wedding (Guest) Dress

I bought this fabric in March with the idea of a lovely summer dress. Now I’ve pulled it out and today I finished my new summer dress. I originally had the idea of a Lolita dress, but those aren’t that good if you have some curves so I used this pattern instead.

It wasn’t the easiest pattern, for starters the instructions were in German. Luckily I took German in high school, otherwise I would have had to figure everything out by myself. When you make a dress you choose the size based on the bust measurement, since mine is quite large the rest of the dress hung like a sack. I was able to change that though, with extra darts in the front, a widening of the darts in the back and I cut off about 2 inches all together, for a more fitted look.

As for the sleeves, they didn’t even fit around my arms, even if they were supposed to be left open they would have looked to small alltogether. So I made them bigger as well. In the end, the dress turned out beautifully, I’ll probably wear it to my sister’s upcoming wedding. And, since it’s new and home-made, I’ll probably wear it tomorrow as well to my boyfriend’s cousin’s graduation.

Detail in front:

Project Summary:

Make: Style 127, free download from Burdafashion (back in those days)
Difficulty: 2 of 5 (my rating). The hardest part was that the instructions were in German. The sleeves were odd, even when cutting as suggested.
Alterations: I added darts in the back for a more fittied silhouette.

Fabric: Printed cotton.

Notions: Self-covered buttons. Invisible zipper.

Project grading: The style fits my body type , even more so with the darts. The dress looked simple but were harder than I thought, mainly due to the sleeves. The recommended seam allowance for the sleeves were 4 cm, that was not enough!
I like the dress, but probably won’t sew it again, I don’t see alteration potential and one dress in this style is enough.


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