Stop Getting Into My Head

I have a pattern book that I use to make patterns (well, duh). I got it on my birthday in November and I use it quite often for inspiration and pattern-making. It’s not really easy to follow, but I usually do it by copying the finished pattern.

Now I joined a sewing site and found reviews on this particular book. Several people had said that this book is good for catching up on “old pattern making skills”. For some reason I let this get to me. I have made a couple of patterns from this book which have turned out fine, more or less) so I can use it. I make a small scale pattern first and the the real size. It has worked fine for me. But now I’m getting self-conscious about my skills. Nothing has happened to me, I just have seen what others think. I shouldn’t listen to other people. It did make me kind of worried because I’m working on a shirt from that book, what if it doesn’t turn out all right? Are the others right? Do I need pattern making courses?

I hope the shirt turns out great, it’s the collar that worries me, but I also have a “how to”-book so I hope that those two together will help me and make my shirt great. I mean, despite my own doubts, I am not an imbecile.


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