The Blog Rules

I follow several blogs on a daily basis. I am a language nazi and I want to write well (yes well, not good). I spend time in making my entries well-written and correctly spelled. Even if I miss something I will change it, should I discover my error.

Things I’m allergic to in written texts are

  • People who cannot tell the difference between objects and subjects
  • Using dotting…to excess…all over… STOP!
  • Lingo
  • Run-on sentences
  • Laughing at oneself’s jokes *haha*, lol, *smiling* (This applies to real life as well)

Usually I read blogs for their content, the person behind it has an interesting story to tell. If the story is interesting enough I can, to some extent, disregard my own rules, but in most cases I end up stopping reading them since I hate the way they are written.

I am a language snob AND a language nazi.


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