Too Long, Too Tight, Too See-through

After the interview I went to a mall, I wanted new comfy pants and this time I’d remembered to bring the coupon. I also still wanted basic T-shirts. First I went to get my pants and while at that store I looked for the T-shirts. I also tried on a skirt that would have been nice if it was in a better fabric, and a smaller size. It was a thick pencil like skirt with suspenders. The fabric was a bit matronly and it was too big. It would have been cool in a better fabric, so it was luck they didn’t have it in my size. And the other way around, that it would be in my size but it would still be ugly.

The T-shirts, I found out, had the same problem in all the stores, too long (I hate oversize fashion!), too tight, clingly almost and too see-through, especially the white ones. In my last stop I found T-shirts that weren’t these things (well, the white was see-through) so I picked one black V-neck T-shirt and one grey. The cut fit me. I also bought a cute brown haltervest that I had checked out last week (although, I almost didn’t find it since it was hanging upside down on the hanger). I loved it, hopefully boyfriend will too, but it’s nothing really weird so he’ll probably go for it.

So I’ve crossed some things off my list, I think a haircut is next, I really need it. In the way back I chose the old road, not the highway; I wanted to finish my CD, Hair OST. By skipping some songs, and actually hearing some twice, the last song ended as I backed into our slot, the same place where the first song had started. Perfect timing!

(OK so here I turned into a rant about my friends and jobs. It’s been mentioned before, yesterday I think, so I deleted it. No need to bring down a shopping post)

(ETA: yes it was yesterday, same rant today…)


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