New Projects

On Sunday I visited a big fabric store with my mum. I really don’t like shopping with other people, it hinders me and I sound so picky, but she wanted to go with me. I bought some scrap fabric (a big piece, though) and lining for a vest (found on I also found a fabric for summer dress, which would fit great for my birthday party. Me and boyfriend have our birthdays three weeks apart so throwing a mutual party seems like the smartest way to go. This year we’re doing the theme movie characters and I want to make my own dress. I’m not saying who I’ll be, but hopefully my dress will turn out beautiful and wearable.

I also bought a plaid fabric for a mini skirt to go with my knee stockings I bought a few weeks ago. So now I have some projects to work on. I wanted to get started on the skirt today but then I realised I want to wash the fabrics before using them, so now I have to zig-zag them and wash them before I can use them. The least fun part. I’m thinking I’ll get started on that now and then I can draw patterns while they wash and dry. I’ll also try to run a bit today and I will call my hairdresser to get an appointment. I really need the job, my expenses are high…


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