I’m Getting There

A while ago I bought grey knee stockings (link might show up…) but the things is I didn’t have any skirts to wear with them; all my skirts were too long. Last Thursday I bought a plaid fabric and yesterday it became a skirt, pictures will show up later.

So yesterday, we were going out to see my parents, it was a plaid mini skirt (but still an appropriate mini, I could wear it to work), grey knee stockings and a white shirt. School girl if you will, and I loved my outfit. It’s what I want to look like.

I was also pleased with my outfit for the third interview on Thursday; an khaki green skirt, a beige ribbed turtle neck and a brown halter vest. I have a green glass neckless which fitted perfectly with the cut of the vest and I really liked my outfit. I have found my style. It felt so good to look at myself in the mirror, I looked adult, professional but still I looked like me. Now I just need the clothes to carry it out as well.

But soon, I hopefully have a job and I can buy new clothes and become an adult, as opposed to the student I’ve been so far


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