Everyone Loves Plaid

Every girl should have a plaid miniskirt. I thought so as well, and bought a plaid polyester fabric on one of my trips to the fabric store. I tried to draft the pattern myself and it didn’t really turn out to perfection; it’s a bit too short, the fit is off. But with every mistake I make I learn something.

Project summary

Pattern: Self-drafted

Fabric: Plaid polyester
Invisible zipper, button

Project summary: My first completely self-drafted skirt. I didn’t do a very good job. The fit is off, it’s not symmetrical, it’s too short. Ah, well. Luckliy the fabric was cheap.

ETA Mar 2011:
I must report that this skirt has since deaceased. It didn’t fit properly and it wasn’t my best work. The zipper and button can be used for a future project, other than that; may the skirt rest in peace.


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