Christmas Shopping

Sometimes I like Christmas shopping. Because there are days when everything goes smoothly and you keep on seeing one perfect gift after another. But then there are the days when you spend hour after hour in shops, finding nothing. I haven’t had either day yet, but I still have some gifts to get.

Those I’ve bought for are my parents and my cousins. That leaves my sister and BIL, my grandparents and my aunt and uncle. As for boyfriend, I know what I’m going to get him, I just need to buy it. It’s just that it’s a clunky and heavy gift so it’s not the easiest to take on the bus. So I might have to take the car, I might drive to work one of these days and take a short day and shop on the way back, I have one and a half hours of free time left so I might as well use it.

As for Eitchy, I got myself a new dress for Christmas. I was thinking about sewing one, but I don’t have the time or inspiration so I bought one in stead. I make it more Christmas-y by adding a red silk band to it, in stead of the black it came with. It’s a black dress but a bit unique and fancy. I like it!

Yesterday I had a Christmas get-together with my friends, the fifth in a row. And for the first time, I got a better gift than what I bought. The amount of money is set, but some people buy stupid gifts and others more serious. I bought a shower cap, with a cow pattern and horns, and a Santa soap. In return I got a bottle of Chapel Hill sparkling wine, one of the kinds that are good. So it’s plus for me.

So a few more gifts to buy, I haven’t started panicking about it yet. Since my office is downtown it’s quite easy to do some shopping after work, so I’ll see what I can do. One things for certain, I do enjoy both giving and recieving and, according to my parents, I have done so since I was a child.


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