Clothes, Clothes, Clothes…

Yesterday we were at the in-laws for dinner. Before we left, I was standing in my closet, trying to figure out what to wear. I finally settled on a tank top with beads and a grey bolero, worn with a pencil skirt.

I’m so sick of my clothes, I’ve had them for so long and I don’t see in them now, what I saw in them when I bought them. I need new clothes. I want new clothes. I saw a pretty Spring dress at a store last week, in plaid and foot long. I didn’t want to buy it when I first saw it before Christmas because I was, I will admit it, a bit worried about what others would think, especially at work. But now I’ve had some time to see what others there wear so it would be OK. Plus it’s on sale now and they’re having a 2-for-1 offer so I could get something else as well. I will also go out to a fabric store and hopefully I’ll find some Spring-y fabrics for some dresses I’ve been checking out.

Maybe there’s no point in updating my Autumn/Winter warderobe right now, I can do it later this year, maybe just a few items. And maybe an even better cleaning of my warderobe, I mustn’t fear throwing out things I don’t use.


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