So Many Patterns, So Little Time

Last week I had planned a trip to a big fabric store (it’s in the outskirts of the city so I have to drive there, hence the planning ahead).  I pretty much rely on and as I’m looking through the patterns and the creations, I see so much I want to make. I want to make everything, but I know I shouldn’t buy much fabric I still have to make the clothes as well.

It’s not the same as clothes, where you get the clothes instantly, for sewing you still have to make everything; washing, drawing patterns, cutting, sew all seams.

When I go to a fabric store I want to be alone. I have the pattern in my head and I usually have a vision as well, suggestions rarely help. The fabric much speak to me, I have to be able to see the garment; pattern and fabric fit together. I can have an idea in my head but if a fabric truly speaks to me it can be changed. When I made a dress some time ago (called “A Stunning Dress” under the My Creations Page) I had a vision of it in light blue. Then I walked into the store and saw this lovely, bright red satin fabric and my dress was no longer blue (later I did make a light blue party outfit, but I just realised it’s not on that page).

I’ve learned the hard way that if a fabric doesn’t speak to me I shouldn’t buy it at all. I won’t use it. I have a sixties Pucci-esque fabric that I bought because it was cheap, but I know I won’t use it. Ebay perhaps?

So what did I end up with?

For Celestina I bought a black fabric with a purple and light yellow small pattern. I wanted a small pattern, preferably lighter, and it’s in polyester, I prefer natural fabrics, but it will work anyway. I liked the fabric and I think it can fit the dress type. I might make the trim in light yellow.

For Minna, I’m planning this for a wedding we’re attending in May, I got a shimmering fabric in red and yellow (it looks yellow from one direction, red from the other). I might need some lining as well, but I really think that the effects of the fabric will do well. I still need to buy the neckline trim as well.

Finally a skirt, Vanessa, which I will make in a pink with white polkadots fabrics, the pleats will be red. Perfect for late Spring/Summer.

I wanted to try some other things such as a jersey skirt or jumper dress, but I have no patterns and I’m not sure I will try things out on my own. At least now I have three projects and I’m so excited!


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