Do You Wear Your Clothes?

This question was asked at my new favourite hangout, Burdastyle. My answer was very boring, rarely.

The thing is, when I took up sewing, a year and a half ago, I started out by making fancy clothing (check out the page My Creations). The things turned out great but some of them are too fancy to wear for most of the parties I go to, it’s not exactly what you’d wear for a get together with friends. I’m slowly trying to move over to making everyday clothes, fancy everyday clothes but still everyday clothes (how many more times will I say everyday clothes in this sentence?). I’m hoping for a good result so I can wear them often.

As a true designer works, I work ahead on time, right now I’m making Spring and Summer clothes, despite the fact that it’s only January (well, almost February). Add to the fact that I’m sick of all my winter clothes, it takes a lot of restraint not to make winter clothes. However I don’t want to risk not finishing my Winter clothes before Spring comes.

Ah, the irony. Last fall I was in the mood for summer clothes, now I want winter clothes. Could be since most of the creations I see are winter clothes so they inspire me, but still. Why do I want what I don’t currently need? I need to find more summer clothes pattern to make so I don’t get stuck just thinking about the things I don’t need to make right now.

So bring on spring!


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