I’m so sick of my clothes, I need new clothes. Every day when i get dressed I find no inspiration in my warderobe. So I decided to do some shopping.

I’m still not over the fact that I now have money to buy things that are not on the sales rack. So I usually always end up there anyway.

The clouors right now are not me. Everything’s black, grey, white or red. That is if you go to the adult stores. If you go to more young fashion it’s a colour explosion with turquoise, hot pink, loads of colours. Where’s the in between? I want some colours, but not extreme colours. Also patterns are not for me, I really don’t like patterns.

On Friday after work I found a knitted slipover dress. In black, but I can still play with accessories and the other clothing around it. Yesterday I just bought four basic T-shirts; two whites, one black and one grey/white striped. Also I bought some pantyhoses; grey ribbed and purple nylon. Accidently I ripped my red ones, my favourite pair since they elevate a black/white/grey outfit. There’s just a small hole so I hope it doesn’t get any bigger. I also found a shirt in a coral colour, see a shirt in not a boring colour but still not over the top. I know which my new favourite shirt store is, it’s where I bought my last one as well. They’re not your ordinary shirts, but they still look great. Now I know where to go!

At least I have some new things to mix it up with. I’ll be finishing a new dress today as well, I don’t know if I’ll make more clothes right away. The things I have are late spring so it’s no immidiate need, I’ll see what else there is to do.

At least I found some things!


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