Every morning on my way to work I pass a fabric store. Since I pass it at 7.15 it is, of course, not open. I have been wanting to see what’s inside for so long and yesterday I finally had a little time.

Every day I go to burdastyle.com to check out the latest creations people have posted, seeing those creations give me so much inspiration. Sometimes I see clothes in fabrics I would never even look twice at in the store and these clothes look good. Some clothes however don’t look as good in weird, crazy fabrics. But how do you know which fabrics will look good for certain designs?

This store had lots of patterned fabric. Big patterns, floral motives and so on. Not. My. Style. At all. When I’m in a fabric store, I have an idea of which pattern (of clothes) I want to do and I must find that one fabric that speaks to me, that it will fit into the design. None of those big patterned fabrics did this. Maybe I’m just not a pattern girl. So I got to thinking about my warderobe. The clothes I have in big patterned fabric I think can be counted on one hand. I’m just not into that. So this store might be good for those who like those things not me.

I did find a nice purple linen, I was thinking of making shorts in that. But I didn’t buy and it was marked down, so I might have to go there another day to pick some up. I shouldn’t, I have two pieces of “clothes” waiting to be made, but I’m not in the mood for those clothes yet. They’re too summery (and shorts isn’t? Where’s my logic?). So I’ll see what I’ll do. But purple shorts would be so cool. I’m hoping for a good summer so I can wear lots of Eitchy clothes.


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