Evolution and Inspiration

Two separate thoughts, originally planned as two separate posts are now merged into one post. The main topic? Sewing.

Part I: Evolution

It’s been two and a half years since I took up sewing and now I’m really back into it. I have relearnt the basics and I’m ready to move on to more challenging things. However they shouldn’t be too difficult so I’ll end up frustrated and clothesless.

But it’s a good feeling, the feeling that I want to evolve in my work. Where will it lead? Do I want to make the greater parts of my warderobe? I just don’t know. I love wearing my own clothes, I know that they are unique, plus it’s almost a certain that I’ll get complimented. It’s fun being complimented, but what I have accomplished is not something special, it’s just an interest that I’ve put time and effort into. Anyone can do it as long as they take the time.

Part II: Inspiration

Obviously I like to sew and I can sometimes see designs before me. However I’m not good at construction of patterns, making me more of a seamstress, putting together someone else’s pattern, which is fine by me. My creative process is in the pattern selection (perhaps with a few small alterations) and fabrics.

One thing that hit me today, and not in a good way, is that I never get any inspiration from the world around me. I look at patterns (mainly free ones on the web) and I keep them in mind when I browse fabric stores. The fabric is my inspiration, it must speak to me, otherwise it’s not coming home with me.

I went to the fabric store again today, luckliy they still had a purple linen on sale, it’ll be shorts. In the window there’s also a lovely fabric for a dress, but it was very expensive (it must speak to both me and the wallet) so I left it there. But I have ideas for what I want. 

However, I do wish I could see potential in clothes directly and then draw inspiration from the world around me. Right now my only inspiration is seasons. There are several patterns I wish to make, but I will focus on Spring/Summer clothing now so I can wear my creations right away. I feel like I will make those patterns, but what if the right fabric doesn’t come along. Would it be easier to find the perfect fabric if I had a loose view of what I wanted? I don’t know, but so far I’m getting by so there’s really no need to worry.

Hopefully I can visit some other stores on Friday (taking some time off, will I be able to?) and see if they have something. Otherwise I have one dress, one skirt and a pair of shorts to work on. But I want that other dress as well…


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