Ready to Rumble

So I bought light purple linen for a pair of Ruby shorts. But when I bought it they didn’t have any buttons I liked so I was still missing those.

Yesterday I finally had time to get away from work a little earlier (ten minutes) but that still gave me enough time to check out the fabric store here as well as the haberdashery (there is a really big one downtown) before going to the pub. I found some small patterened pink (more of an orange pink than bright pink) for Danielle. I’m really trying to work on patterend fabrics and not just one colour, so I’m starting out with discrete patterns.

The thing is, that once I’m about to start working on a new project I want everything. I need to know that I have all of the things I need to complete it. So after the fabric store I really had to go, I could not just walk past it (it is on the way literally as well), to the haberdashery. It’s so big, I always stand in the button isle for a long time and yesterday was no exception. But I got the ten buttons I needed, as well as thread, zipper and trim for my Danielle dress. I need some trim for another dress as well, but it’s a complex fabric so I guess I need to bring it if I choose to get trim, I haven’t decided yet. I think it could work without the trim and I’m not sure I would like trim. (It’s Minna by the way.)

It’s good to know that I can finish both of those projects. I don’t think I will, but I’ll have something to keep me busy. Right now the fabrics are being washed (so they won’t shrink later) so I have nothing to do. Once I’ve decided to get started I want to work.

But she who waits for something good…


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