Not So Ready

(Last sewing post for now, I have another topic in mind as I write. This just frustrated me)

Yesterday I wrote how I was ready to start working on my new sewing projects. I zig-zagged and washed the fabrics (to prevent them from shrinking when cut). Then as I hung up my new pretty pink fabric I noticed that it wasn’t the standard 140 cm width, rather a 120 cm width.

This meant that I didn’t get enough seeing how my selection was based on that I thought the fabric was 140 cm. I have to go there again to pick some more, unfortunately that fabric store is not on my way anywhere. Hopefully they won’t run out until Friday, when I think I might be able to go there again. Otherwise I’ll have to scratch the pleated sleeves, but I like them, and I’m not sure I could draw my own sleeves.

What shall I do? Should I go there tomorrow to make sure I’ll get some of it. I don’t want to miss out.



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