My Five Fashion Faux Pas

(no order)

1. Baggy Jeans
I don’t like the fact that everyone wears jeans (as can be seen here) but baggy jeans take the cake. It’s not any type of fashion. Or wait it is, since there are two types of baggy jeans (and I like neither). The baggy hiphop style jeans hanging halfway down the ass, underwear showing. Not attractive, luckily I’m too old for those people now, or they just don’t appear in my realm. The other type of baggy jeans are the “I don’t care what I wear”-type. Jeans that hang straight down from the butt in a shapeless form. C’mon people, try a little, get a lot!

2. Short skirts
To me it’s not appropriate in a professional environment and I don’t think it looks good. Some things should be left to the imagination.

3. Short skirts/long shirts with leggings.
I dislike short skirts on their own, but combine them with leggings and you suddenly almost get a streetwalker look. Even wors when combined with high heels *Eitchy shudders* And this is in fashion now, so I see it everywhere. Don’t people look at themselves or do they enjoy displaying everything, albeit under tight, clingy fabric?

4. Ponchos on plus-size women
I really like Trinny and Susannah (see!) since they dress women of all sizes and shapes to make the best of what they have, rules I try to remember when shopping and sewing. Ponchos or similar things on bigger women is not a fashion statement, it’s an attempt to try and hide yourself. However, the only result you get is looking shapeless and probably even bigger than you are. Dare to show off yourself!

5. Sweats
I actually saw teens on the bus in sweats. OK, I guess it is comfortable, I’m currently in sweats, but I’m at my place vegging out. I would never go out in sweats, I can’t believe people do that. It’s weird.

So who am I to tell people what to wear. I’m not a teenager, a plus-sized woman or anything. Mainly my fashion faux pas are things I can’t believe are in style or I can’t believe people wear. I check myself in the mirror every time before I go out and it’s such an obvious thing to me that I can’t grasp that others don’t do it. But it doesn’t really bother me I just wonder. (I’m trying really hard not to come off as righteous). Anyone can wear what they want, but it’s just that it doesn’t take much of an effort to look a lot better. But can all do what you want.


One thought on “My Five Fashion Faux Pas

  1. Ok, I’m new here but have to add one. FLANNEL PJ BOTTOMS. If you’re not Pamela Anderson (I think that’s who started it) on the set waiting between takes then please don’t do it. Going out to get the trash cans from the edge of the driveway… sure no problem. I can’t believe that many businesses are having PJ day at work so take the time to put some real pants on. I consider this a major fashion faux pas.

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