Where’s The Colours?

I went to the mall today. I want some new spring clothes. Yes, I know it’s only the first day of spring and there’s snow expected during the weekend but I want spring clothes. I’m tired of winter, it’s time for colours and everything!

So I had high hopes going there. But I was disappointed. I wanted some new skirts; they say skirts are the thing for the spring so I expected to find some nice skirts. I basically found two types of things, this goes for all items. Small floral print, and not one I appreciate, and somber. So much brown, black and grey. Dark shades of those colours as well, not light spring versions or fabics.

I don’t want dark clothes now, I want light clothes, both in fabric and colour. I ended up with little. Yesterday I bought a knee-length pair of shorts, dark grey, pinstriped. Today I bought a yellow and a purple slipover,  if I can’t find new clothes I can at least spice up the ones I have.

Boring! When will I find spring clothes?


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