What Are You Wearing?

I saw some footage from a fashion bloggers’ mingle. They all got the same question; What are you wearing? (Seems fair enough it was a mingle on fashion)

Everyone was strict about pointing out where things were bought, especially the ones with more fancy labels than H&M, Zara and Top Shop. But what was scary was that some had it down to a speech which in some cases seems prepared. Was that the answer they gave anyone who asked, camera or no camera?

Personally I find that it’s more interesting to know why they are wearing a certain thing than where it’s from. Why did I choose this outfit today? Why did I buy this item once?

It’s harder to give an answer to why than what and who, but it’s braver to give a reason why you bought something other than its label. I don’t care about the label, if something’s nice, then it’s nice, regardless of who made it (and I tend to think that designer clothes are highly overpriced so it would take a lot for me to buy it anyway).

Step two in the process is knowing where something is bought, but it’s really only relevant if I’m thinking of buying the same thing.

There is a difference in giving tips though, if I’m, or someone else, is giving a tip than it is relevant where something is bought.

Today I’ll probably be wearing bourgondy stockings, that colour looks good on me, and knee long pinstriped shorts. I have never worn shorts during winter so it’s exciting to try that out. I haven’t decided on a top yet, probably just a white T-shirt, the drama lies in the bottom part of my outfit and my parents tend to have pretty warm at their place. See more interesting than hearing where I bought my things (at least in my view)

Another horrible thing on that footage. They were fashion bloggers. One of them had an Hermès bag and could not pronounce the name. The Francophile in me screams “The H is silent! The H is silent! The H is silent!” How can you be a fashion blogger, very into fashion, have a high end bag and not know how to pronounce it? It’s beyond me.


One thought on “What Are You Wearing?

  1. It’s beyond you. . .psssh. Its beyond me too. If you rely on style to define your personality or a handbag to somehow describe your existance; you probably have not a chance in society; unless of course you surround yourself with those other Gucci and D&G, socially inept, and shallow excuses for flesh. Fashion also creates unwanted, unecessary, and ridiculous stereotypes among people. Defying those stereotypes is totally dependant upon ones attitude and personality. I’m a firm believer that my attitude, appearance, and personality defy any convention than my clothes or fashion sense would represent.

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