Sewing Resolutions

I’m already venturing into personal spheres and will list five things I will try and follow regarding my sewing. It will be easier for everyone, especially me.

1. Make wearable clothes.
Simple enough. I want to wear the stuff I make, if not then why bother. I will focus on everyday clothes, with an occassional fancy outfit. So far my 2008 Spring/Summer collection has four everyday pieces and one fancier. The additions I’m thinking of are also everyday use, which brings me to

2. Finish the projects I have.
It’s so hard not to be inspired by all the clothing and creations I see, but now I have materials for three other projects, I must finish them before buying new fabrics. In accordance to point 1 I want to wear my clothes, meaning I want to finish them in reasonable time for the season they’re for. That’s why I’m working on my summer clothes right now. I can’t have too many projects ongoing.

3. Never buy fabric I don’t really want
I’ve learnt this the hard way. Bottom line, if I don’t really want it in the store then I’m not going to want it at home. Simple as that.

4. Dare to make alterations
So far I’m using my patterns as-are. I want to make alterations to make my clothes even more unique, but I’m not sure how to do it. I’m guessing I want to learn, I can start out with easy alterations and work my way through it. I mean I have access to free patterns and I can buy cheaper fabric to experiment with (but still keeping point 3 in mind, if my projects turn out well I want to wear them (1))

5. Make things look more finished
This is another point I need to learn. Right now I’m just ironing the seam allowances apart and that’s it. I’m pretty good at execution (if I may say so myself) and the outsides of my clothes normally look finished. As for the inside, I want to at least learn how to do it and then figure out if it’s worth it.

My five sewing resolutions. No time frame, just things I should keep in mind when planning, creating and wearing.


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