Turn, Turn, Turn

Come April, come spring? At  least that’s how it’s been here, when April came, it instantly became warmer, lighter (well, due to Daylight Savings) and it’s beginning to feel like spring. I like that it’s light longer at night, that I don’t have to wear my heavy jacket with scarves and caps. It’s went back to being dark when I get up in the morning but I think it’ll be light in another week or so.

I live in a place with four distinct seasons. I like it, it has its charm and it gives you something to long for. I also find it fascinating that the place a few weeks ago, the place with snow, where I wore thick jackets, can be the same place where it, in a few months time, is sunny and I can wear light dresses and go to the beach. It’s amazing and I really can’t believe it’s the same place.

Like I said, there is a charm (and a fashion) to each season.

Spring: Everything’s coming to life in nature. It’s lighter and I can put away all heavy clothes.

Summer: It’s warm, people are happy, it’s vacation time. You can sit out late at night and wear light, colourful clothes.

Autumn: Beautiful colours, fresh autumn air. It’s time to take out the sullen coloured clothes.

Winter: It’s dark and cold, perfect for Christmas. Coming in, drinking something warm. Despite the dark, with snow everything gets lighter.


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