As known, ad nauseum probably, I’m in the middle of my Spring/Summer collection for 2008, two pieces down, working on one and then two to go – so far. Every time I see a new creation at Burdastyle, a new way to use a pattern I get so eager to try it, I want so much but there’s only so much time.

I find myself always wanting to go to fabric stores, just to see what there is. The risk is that I will buy things I don’t really need or won’t have time to finish. But what if the perfect fabric is there right now and I miss it? I have to keep telling myself to finish what I have, I don’t want to be left with newly finished summer clothes in October. I need to lay restraints on myself, not to buy thing I don’t need.

Yesterday I really felt the urge to sit in front of my machine and create something. So I managed to fix the bound pocket for my shorts, not perfect but good enough. I like the feeling when I’m creating a piece of clothing from just a rectangular shapeless piece of fabric. All the time I’m thinking about what to do next, the feeling of putting the scissors to an undestructed piece of cloth (the point of no return), the process of creating. Seeing something take form before my eyes. It’s a great feeling.

I have become addicted, but luckily it’s a constructive addiction.


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