I Wear What She’s Wearing

I have a sweater that is so comfortable. IT’s a grey knit top with “shirt details”; a collar and cuffs. I like wearing it since it looks great and is so comfortable.

The other day, when I was wearing it, one of my co-workers had the same shirt on, only in pink. She said she had one in every colour, I’ve so far seen it in grey, brown, pink and black, maybe in navy. How many does she have?

Anyway, for some reason it always gets awkward when someone is wearing similar clothing (and if she has so many, the chance are big it’ll happen again). Why is it so? It just a testimony that we share taste, which in my case isn’t that great, I find her style a bit boring, a bit “too perfect”. But it feels a bit odd sitting in the same shirt, even if they are of different colours. Let’s see when I have the guts to wear it again. But why is it awkward? Does anybody know this?

And I can once again talk up sewing. When you sew something you’ll have something unique. Someone has something of the same pattern, someone has used the same fabric, but for that to be in combination, I guess is very, very rare.


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