Me And My Machine

Boyfriend is away this weekend, so I’m spending the weekend with my sewing machine. I’m starting out with the Minna dress that I’ll be wearing for a wedding in May. I also have material for Vanessa and Michelle. I might also do some fabric shopping, to get to the fabric store I need to drive (I could take the train/bus but it would take a long time). I have the car this weekend, I have two more sewing weekends (meaning that boyfriend is away) coming up, but then he has the car so I can’t get to the store easily.

I want to try new things, mainly sewing in knits. I’ve never sewn in knits, so it’ll be interesting and it’ll open up many new things. My machine can handle it, so it’s just a matter of my being able to do it. I thought I’d start out with an easy dress, I’m thinking of doing this as a beach dress to throw over the bikini. Another endeavour I want to try out is alternating patterns. I know nothing about pattern construction, but if I start out with alternating, maybe with the help of some how-tos, I might get better and better. I want to learn more and progress, not being stuck in my knowledge.

So, how do I plan my sewing weekend? I honestly don’t know. I need to wash a few of my fabrics so I’m thinking I’m going to start out with that, it’s not fun so I need to get it done. I’m thinking I’m going to mix the boring parts of cutting and zig-zagging of one garment with construction of another. However, what speaks against this idea is that then I must keep on changing thread and keep all my pieces organised. Minna and Michelle should go quickly, but who knows? So first thing tomorrow, I’m washing the fabrics, the bad thing is I, for both Michelle and Vanessa, have darker contrast fabrics so I can’t wash all of them together. So I’ll just take it as it’s given to me. I don’t have to please anyone.

I just have to decide if I’m going to go to the bigger fabric store, but they’re open on both Saturday and Sunday. I’ll see what happens.

Let the cutting, sewing and creativity begin!

(I might even start cutting tonight!)


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