Weirdest Bathroom. Ever.

I was in Bayern over the weekend to visit a friend of mine. It was me, boyfriend, she and her boyfriend; we are all close friends. The first two days were spent exploring Bayern and the last day for München. (I prefer to call places by their original name).

We visited Neuschwanstein, an extraordinary, ridiculous castle on the bottom of the mountains. The views were extremely beautiful there, the Alps, an Alp lake, the hills. Just beautiful.

The castle from afar

Oberstdorf was next on our trip, if you know ski jumping you know Oberstdorf. This is where we encountered the weird bathroom. It was a glass cage in the hotel room, with curtains around it. Basically you could shower and go to the bathroom, with a public. The drapes were on the outside, so it was impossible to close them from the inside, and then when opening in they were drawn into the bathroom, due to the ventilation. It was an interesting bathroom.

Public bathroom

This was also a town that loved kitsch things, all over the restaurant and the pub we visited. Weird parents too, who brought a tricycle to keep their child occupied. I would bring books that could keep them entertained while sitting down, but at first I would explain to them that while eating you sit down and engage in the food.

Anyway, we also visited the ski jumping arena and went to the top of the highest ski jump. Great view over that part of the Alps. So much fun.

The last day was spent in München, just walking around, soaking in the atmosphere; visiting a bier garten, hanging out in the Olympic Park, and the top of the Olympic tower. Great view there as well, plenty of views during this trip.

The Olympic tower

Then, on our last day, we got up and went to the aeroport. Once there, we learned that our flight was delayed for two and a half hours. We got some vouchers, which just covered a sandwich and drink at the cheapest place. We got home, but later than expected and by then the day was almost over.

The food in Bayern is also great; schnitzel, sausages, great side dishes; sauces, salads, potatoes, fries. All good. The breakfast at the hotel with the weird bathroom was great. The had a “Wänschel” who prepared eggs by demand, freshly squeezed orange juice and waffles. Such a treat, not only to get these things, but also to get them fresh.

A great trip, and it was so much fun just hanging out with my friend again. I miss her. We used to meet every week and now I’ve seen her once in three months. A whole weekend was great and we shared many laughs. Over each other, over bathrooms, over kitsch.


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