Magical Places

I’m sitting here, looking through pictures of the Bavarian Alps. There’s not that many Alps in Bavaria, but there are some. Basically one line of Alps, then you’re in Austria or Switzerland. The only time I’ve seen the Alps before was when I was driving through them on the way to Italy, it was a whole other experience to be there, to walk there, to experience the mountains.

When I see the pictures, remembering the sites and views, it’s magical to me. I live in an urban area, with mostly fields around me, not much forests, not a hill in site. It’s beautiful here as well, but I’m so familiar with it. Seeing places like the Alps, where it’s nature, undestroyed by man, it’s wonderful. All cynical views I have of the world disappears because at that moment it’s just about then and there. As I return to the cynical views return, but at least now I know there are places like that. Boyfriend took a picture of me, where I’m standing looking out over the Alps and a beautiful Alp lake. You might think I’m praying, I have my hands like that, but I’m not (me, praying? An atheist? Yeah, right!), but I can see in myself that I am taken by the view. Nature has created something so beautiful and man has kept from destroying it. I can’t even begin to describe the beatuy that can be in this world.

Magical Beauty

And I’m sure there are more places like these, far away, where man and Western civilasation has not reached and destroyed. Places where you forget the cynical, cold world we live in, places to which you can run and be filled by its beauty and forget everything else for a while. There are those places.

And I can’t wait to discover more of them.


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