Leggins – Jeans for Summer

I really dislike the common use of jeans. Like I said in a previous post, jeans are just so generic, there’s nothing exciting about them, they are “I’m just enough casual to wear jeans”.

We’ve had really warm weather the past days, summer heat and I’ve loved it since I could break out my new summer clothes. When I got to the bus stop last week it was such a delight to see a girl, besides me that is, in a dress. A dress with calf-length leggins underneath. Then another girl came, a girl with a skirt – and calf-length leggings underneath. Before the bus left yet another girl in the same uniform had joined us at the bus stop.

So, by my conclusion it is that leggins are like jeans for the summer. I’m guessing all of these girls bought them since they are in style right now, I doubt that it’s just a coincidence that they all happen to be wearing same length leggins on one of the first warm days.

Dare to be different! Don’t buy it just because it’s in style, wear something because you like it. These things can coincide, but then I expect to see at least some leggins next summer, when everyone else is in jumpsuits (they’re bound to come back and all trendslaves will rave about them, even though jumpsuits are hideous).

I will expand my thoughts in these things during this week I hope, about fashion and trends, but more in general terms and not just one garment.


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