Uptown Girl

We attended the wedding of a childhood friend of boyfriend over the weekend. We got there in a close call, the gathering was supposed to be half an hour before the ceremony, but they had forgotten to tell us. So we had to change clothes in the, small, bathroom and a quick makeup fix in the rearview mirror (no mirror in the bathroom I changed in).

The ceremony was held at the beach, the weather was beautiful, boyfriend worded it as the only time he would want to be a girl, we’re in short, flowy dresses and skirt, the men are in suits and shirts. However, to get to the beach we had to walk on a dirt road, it was uneven, obviously. I felt like such a city girl when complaining about the uneven surface. I had heels on, luckliy they’re not stilettos, they have a rather thick heel and since they’re for dancing, the heel has rubber (the front sole is slippery, for dancing). But wobbling of the stones and dirt you can’t help but saying damn this uneven surface.

It was a beautiful place, I love the island we were on, but it was just not the place for heels. We took a walk the next way as well, but then I was in flats and it worked a lot better. I usually only wear heels for special occassions, for everyday use it’s just flats and sneakers.

But still, city girl on the country.


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