Photos and Self-timers

I read a few “fashion” blogs. The reason for my putting fashion in quotations is that some of them are more of shopping blogs than actual fashion blogs. They’re just showing what they’ve bought and the outfits they’re wearing. Obviously I find some inspiration there, otherwise I wouldn’t have read them, but to call them fashion blogs is not true to me, to me they’re shopping blogs.

Anyway, some of these bloggers make a lot of money (that would be one reason not to read, but darn it they’re addictive). It boggles my mind to see that some of them are taking their picture in front of the mirror or with their arm stretched out. With all that money they’re making, they can’t bu a camera with a self-timer? The cheapest one have them. Maybe they’re jsut living in their little pink, girly girl world, pretending that they’re just a girl, I don’t know technical things.



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