Neglected Blog

There’s been lots going on lately and this blog is not on my priority list, sorry. You know, sometimes life gets in the way.

Boyfriend’s away so I thought I might have some blogging time today, but then earlier, as I was sitting at a boring lecture on price modelling, I got such an urge to sew. So the blog got neglected for my sewing machine, who, in all fairness, has been even more neglected. I finished a skirt (hopefully weather for it tomorrow) and washed some fabrics so I can get to work on them (well, I only have pattern for one, the other needs to be printed and assembled, a hard job, but I like doing it). The bad thing is, summer is here and you’d rather be outside than in by your sewing machine. Maybe some future evenings after work as well, the skirt I’m planning to make is fairly easy so it shouldn’t take long (note shouldn’t)

In other things, I love my new bike. Just flying from work to the bus stop, no long boring walks, no taking forever getting there. Great idea, and thanks to grandma for the bike. I feel like Lois Lane in Lois and Clark, using several locks (I use three for that bike) but I don’t want it to be stolen and if three locks is what I need than three locks it is.

God stayed. Apparantly it was a general defintion of Forc Majeur so God couldn’t be moved. It’s still stupid, though


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