Adventures in Sewing

I started working on my Celeste this weeked. I cut the pattern on Saturday and started on construction on Sunday. It really wasn’t hard, I thought it would be a bit tricky but it really wasn’t.

Unfortunately I had bought an ordinary zipper instead of an invisible one which threw me off, I’m not used to working with ordinary zippers, so I thought of buying a new one. But now I decided that I’ve already bought the zipper, I’m going to use it, as long as I’m concentrated it will turn out alright anyway.

I had plans to go to the fabric store on Friday, I had already planned my projects. But the fire alarm set off at work and I had to stay later, with no time for shopping. So I decided to take the early bus today and go after work, but I forgot my wallet at home so I couldn’t go. Perhaps tomorrow… (I figure they’ve probably closed for summer with this luck I’m having)

But there was one good thing about not going to the fabric store on Friday. Yesterday I saw that Burdastyle had a new sewing challenge, to alter the Anda pattern into something new and exciting. I have been toying with the idea of trying pattern altering and this might be what I needed to be push over the edge, I’ve already started sketching. I’m nervous about the process but it’s also exciting and enticing. So I need some fabric for that project as well, which made it good that I didn’t get to the fabric store on Friday.

So my idea for Anda? I really hate the dress, it does nothing for me, and it wouldn’t look good on my figure. But this presents a new challenge, maybe I can turn it into something that will fit me. I’m not saying anything about any practical ideas, heck right now I don’t even know if I’ll have something to present. But I’m hoping!


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