Project Anda: Part II

Always as I’ve been watching Project Runway I’m amazed when the designers return from taking a short break saying “I know exactly what I want to do!”

As I’ve only been sewing ready patterns before, my only enlightenments come in the form of constructions techiniques, which is not very exciting. While I do like to get new clothes, I never get that creative spark.

But now as I’m working on a more creative project I feel myself thinking the exact same thing. I know exactly what I want to do! It’s interesting building a ddress on fit from the start and not just fitting near the end. I still believe this project could crash and burn, but I’m a little more confident today then yesterday. However my mind is cinstantly working, vacation next week so it’s rather slow at work (both bosses will be back tomorrow, though) and I’m coming up with new ideas all the time. One thing I was sure of yesterday I think I’ve scrapped it now.

I’ve constructed the bodice today, not completely though since I’m still thinking of some things. I want to work from the top down. since the fit on top is the most important.

One bad thing is that I don’t have a Tim Gunn. Boyfriend likes everything I do, too much sometimes and doesn’t see (or tell) the flaws until I point them out. If I ask for a suggestion “this or this?” the response is that either will work. I will have to trust my own creative voice. I just didn’t know it was so loud.


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