Project Anda: Part III

I went from this:

to this:

A maxi dress with a lower neckline. The Anda dress would not be flattering for my body figure so I tried to fix that. The neckline was made lower and I added the sewn in belt. I chopped the pattern in half, with one bodice part and one skirt part and, obviously, lengthened it. I also had to add a zipper since I made the belt fitted to my body.

I used gathers at the top of the belt and in the lower back, for the front I did pleats. I put ribbon around the armholes, which I made a bit smaller, and the neckline, it made it a bit stiff, I haven’t figured out if I like that or not.

I don’t think I’ll win, people have made the most fantastic alterations of this pattern and mine doesn’t feel special. However, I did rush this, and if there’s another contest I hope I’ll have more time, I only used one week for this even though the contest was for two. And hopefully the next contest won’t be when I’m busy either, I wasn’t busy right now, but if I should be for the next there’s no point.

Regardless of whether or not I win, it sure has een a learning experience, I’ve learnt so much and I’m again peeking at my pattern book wondering what I can do with the basic patterns. Also how can I rework existing patterns. So, I may or may not win the actual prize, but I’ve won a lot of knowledge (yes, cheesy)

Project Summary

Pattern: Burdastyle 7969, Anda
Difficulty: Novice (Burdastyle’s rating – I agree)
Alterations: The intent was to alter, what I did is covered in the text above

Fabric: Cotton blended with something else.
Notions: Invisible zipper, ribbon

Project rating: A learning experience! I don’t think the dress turned out perfectly, but I did learn a lot and the dress looks like the vision I had. I hope to alter and see more potential in patterns in the future.


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