Sweat Shop

This weekend my sewing has basically turned into being a sweat shop. On Thursday when I was shopping for more ribbed knit for my cardigan I was trying to get myself from not looking at anything else. Granted I was in that store just a few weeks ago and it’s not that much rotation on the merchandise there. Then, after I got my rib knit I started thinking.

The inspiration just flooded out of me, I realised I had some fabric for a dress, I never found that second fabric that dress needed, and figured I’d make a top of it in stead. And I got to thinking of the clothes I’ve cleaned out of my closet, meant for donating, maybe I could do something of that. All this projects got me so exciting that I’ve been working hard finishing the projects I’m on, one of my rules is that I cannot leave a project that doesn’t stimulate me as much behind, then I know I’ll never finish it. So I’m working hard to finish those projects so I can start with the others. Especially since I would want that top for vacation in just three weeks.

Unfortunately this means that other things are falling behind; penpalling, I’m meant to write both of my penpals now and I haven’t gotten one word in any letter. I need to stop falling down in boyfriend’s lap when we watch TV and actually write things.

So I need to keep my sweat shop going, not to sit here and blog…


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