Home Sweet Home

It’s been 26 days since I was home last (25 days between the actual time I was away) and I’ve seen so much. Plus I’ve almost forgotten about work, I can’t belive I have to go there tomorrow.

First, road trip with boyfriend. We started out aiming for Bordeaux where he would run the Marathon Du Médoc. The city itself didn’t impress me, it was dirty and rundown in my opinion but it was fun out by the vineyards. The first day out there I was in the supporter’s group and since every runner was in costume it was fun. We had some wine on the way. The next day was the wine walk, a 10 km walk through vineyards with samplings on the way. We passed six vineyards and ended up in a big tent with a party for some 1350 people. Wine, lunch, dancing; great fun. After Bordeaux we took aim at the Côte d’Azur. The camping site, where I had booked a mobile home, had cheated me and no reservation existed (in retrospect, it was all for the best anyway)

One of the coolest bridges ever

When two science nerd tour the south of France, they must see the Millau bridge. We have seen several Discovery channel doctumentaries on this bridge and all I can say is that it’s even more magnificent in real life. It’s amazing. We ended up in Les Issambres on the Riviera where wh got a mobile home up on a hill with a great view of Saint Raphaël. We stayed there for four nights, exploring the surroundings, laying on the beach, enjoying wine, food and each other.

St Raphaël somewhere in the background

Then it was over to Antibes where we found another mobile home for three nights. It was more camping to that site, not as nice as the first but still nice. We spent one day in Monaco and Monte Carlo, quite weird to see that contrast to our everyday life.

No Bond sighting for us

(Note that I’m wearing my Pretty in Pink-dress)

The weather wasn’t as nice as in Les Issambres, so we spent time talking walks, exercising and such. Our last stop would be in Geneva, Switzerland to visit a friend. We took the Route Napoléon from Cannes and up through the Alps of the Provence, it was gorgeous! The pictures I took there do not do the road justice, it was so beautiful. We stayed at a hotel in Albertville and then took off to Geneva, where we just hung out and didn’t really do anything.

A road going into the rocks. Beautiful

This was the end for boyfriend, but not for me. He drove me to Interlaken in Switzerland where I would attend a conference. I spent the first days exploring the down. I played with the idea of paragliding, but it was so cloudy that I didn’t do it, I just walked in stead. The first day of conference was games and it was a great mixer as I didn’t know anyone. I met people right off the bat.

The view from my hotel room

Then the week that followed was sessions at day and partying at night. I was out every night, not getting more than five to six hours of sleep. One day I did ditch sessions, with two new friends, to go paragliding. It was amazing, the feeling when we lifted from the ground and we were soaring high off the ground. I was glad I didn’t do it on Saturday, it was more fun to share it with the others.

I’m free… as a bird

It’s so weird, I spent one intense week with all these people, who knows when or if I’ll see them again. It was so much fun and it’s been a great month of September for me. A great vacation with boyfriend, many new friends, learning new things. It’s been great!


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