New Dress and Skirt

 I have this pattern at home.







For my next project I will modify this pattern and make into an everyday dress, suitable for the autumn and winter that lie ahead.


I will use a brown fabric; I don’t know what the content is, from what I can tell it’s not your normal cotton. I wanted something a bit fuller since the dress is going to be for the colder seasons.


I have started thinking about alterations already, I have a few empire cut dresses, so I want to do something else this time, as well as working on alterations. If I can learn, or maybe develop is the word, in alterations it opens up a whole new world where I can use the same patterns more often and for different things, make even more personalised clothing and make them fit even better. I have a “problem” with a large chest so I need to learn how to not make clothes look like they’re just hanging off me but actually fitting.


This is what I have in mind:

· Making it in one piece (length wise), i.e. no empire cut. This will require changing the darts as well to make them fit for one piece

· Lowering the neckline.

· Making it knee length

· Doing two pieces for front and attaching them with buttons in the middle seam. Thing to think of: make one piece longer in front than the other.

· Back in one piece (not hard)

· No shoulder seams, will use buttons here too (next thing to think of: make the back piece longer).


The buttons will be big and colourful, that is my plan. I’m also wondering if I should do the finishing seams with thread matching the buttons. I think that would look great, more personal. Plus it would save it from being just an ordinary dress.

This is the farbic I will use, with purple/red buttons.


This store has 50% off everything (including threads and such) so I just had to buy this Italian cotton which I’ve been eyeing for a while and now I couldn’t resist it anymore. This will be a skirt, I haven’t decided on the style yet, I bought 1 metre and that will do for a “normal” skirt. I’ll see. It’s a quite light fabric so it will be something light and flowy.


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