Everyday, on my way to work, I pass a fabric store. I’ve really come to like it as they have plenty of different fabrics; in both style and material. They have lots of prints, which I’m trying to incorporate into my work, so it’s been a good source of inspiration for me.

They had a summer sale, with 50% off everything in the store; fabrics, threads, buttons, everything. It kept on going and when I came back from vacation in October the sale was still on-going. I thought it was weird, but of course I welcomed it and bought some fabrics. The last time I was there they had closed one section of the store; I figured it was for renovations. A few weeks ago cardboard was covering all the windows; I stuck to hope and thought they were renovating the entire store, just not that section.

Then I noticed that the marking on the door was gone. My last hope went away. The store had closed. Something else would move in and I’ve been curious as to whether or not it would be a new fabric store. But today I could finally see what would open. A “lifestyle” store (aka interior decoration). Probably an expensive one at that too, since they market themselves as a “lifestyle” store.

I don’t like those stores; they’re usually pretentious and over-priced, hardly ever my style. It makes me kind of sad. It was great going in there trying to find inspiration, or just passing the store while looking to see if they had any new creations on display. The girl who worked there was nice, they had a great variety and, for personal reasons, I liked that it was close to work.

I still have other sources of inspiration, obviously, with Burdastyle and blogs being the major part. But what I like about fabric inspiration is that the fabric must speak to me, come alive inside my head to form a garment. Just looking at other’s creations on pictures don’t do that for me.

My fabric browsing will, sadly, be less frequent now as I must take time to go a fabric store. It’s unfortunate. There is only one more fabric store relatively close to where I work, it’s a bit out of my way, but still close enough that I can go there by bike after work. However I’m not as fond of that store. One store I like is in the outskirts of town, however not in my direction. There is one in the town where I live, but I’m moving from that in just a few weeks.

I guess I’ll have to get by, although it will take away some inspiration and browsing. That’s life.


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