No More Freebies

Many times have I made Burdastyle clothes. I have sometimes made things just for fun, to see if that style fits me. Many times have I recommended this site; for being a great community but also because of the free patterns. It has changed.

I’m not that stupid that I don’t understand market economy, especially in the current times, but it’s still a chock. Without warning they’ve decided to start charging for patterns. This would be fine, if it wasn’t for the fact that patterns that up until now have been free now have a price tag on them. I have downloaded a few to my computer and I also have the ones I’ve printed but I still think about those patterns when I’m browsing fabrics. But that will have to change. Maybe it was a marketing plot all along. They’d be free for two years, they’d spread the word about the sewing community which, to be honest, mostly lived on being a source for free patterns. The forum is not good in many aspects (new posts don’t get bumped, it is impossible to distinguish new posts since last visit), it’s sometimes a slow site when many people visit, people have come there for the free patterns and stayed (and endured) the rest.

The patterns were downloadable in pdf-formats, plenty of papers. You had to assemble the papers yourself or draw to get the pattern pieces. It’s work, but it was worth it since I got the pattern for free, but it was luxury those times I used a “real” pattern printed on a big sized paper where all lines were even, where I hadn’t spent hours taping them together and aligning them.

I have thought about getting a subscription to some sort of fashion/clothing magazine. I never found out which I wanted (some seemed too mature, some too juvenile; some seemed to much high fashion, some seemed too gossip-y; I wanted wearable, affordable inspiration). One of the magazines I thought of was Burda, to get fashion ideas and patterns. But I want to buy a copy first before I subscribe. Maybe this is a push in that direction.

The irony is that I will (probably) buy a Burda magazine. The company as a total looses nothing. One magazine is more expensive than one Burdastyle pattern (just the price, not including paper and ink). But not by much. One magazine contains more patterns than just one a hopefully more inspiration. I won’t have to print and tape the patterns. I hope I can pick one magazine up today.

Just a few days ago I was telling SIL about a site with free patterns. I’ve been writing here many times about that great site with free patterns. No more. As I find my now errors I will edit them and I won’t recommend this site anymore. I do like the community and getting help in the forum, but to be honest I was a Craftster first. It’s actually a bit sad, because I think that the site will lose what made it appeal to people and many prospective members might never sign up. I’m not giving up hope, but it’s a bit sad.


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