Two Things

Two things about the past week:

Burdastyle Sewing Clubs. What a teaser, just putting up the US clubs, making us “internationals” waiting one more week. I haven’t signed up, but I’m hoping that soemone from my area has. It would be great to meet some sewers around here. I haven’t decided if I will sign up if nobody else does. I will at least wait for the list next week. Like I said, how mean to get the IS clubs started and making the rest of us (the majority, I suppose) wait another week.

I signed up at Burdafashion as well. Before you could get their free patterns without being registered, but now you have to be registered to take part. It doesn’t really matter since it’s free. What I noticed on this site (which has nothing to do with being registered) is that you can see the features from the latest Burda WoF. This means that I can see what patterns I would be getting if I was to buy the magazine. For some reason the magazine comes in a plastic bag, so you buy the magazine based on the headlines on the cover. You really don’t know what you’re going to get. I understand this, but I find it odd because the Plus size version of the magazine comes without plastic.

That’s what I’ve learned the past week, and something to look forward to for next week. I hope someone will do a sewing club near me; it would (hopefully) be so much fun.


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