Trapped In the Closet

The other day, as I was walking to the bus stop, I was approached by a well-dressed young man handling out pamphlets. I declined; I often do that, especially if I can’t see what it is just by looking at them. What was weird was that a girl was in his company, she had a more alternative look; they made an odd pair. Out goes my theories about politics and I started to get curios. However, I didn’t feel like asking for a pamphlet, when I had previously declined.

As it turned out, they walked to the same bus stop as me and handed out some pamphlets there. Obviously some people took them without wanting them and threw them on the ground. And so, I could read it…

It was for a free personality test at the local test centre. You could test your happiness and intelligence based on your relationships and personality. The name was ambiguous, the purpose was ambiguous; all I could think of was Trapped in the Closet

Today I did some Googling and it turned out I was right. The URL on the pamphlet does go to a test centre but all of your information is needed in order to get your results. I did not do it.

I have for a long time believed Scientology to be a cult, scamming people. However, I have not known the methods used by them (besides using celebrities) because they have not been active here. As I’m writing this, I now remember that there was an article in the paper just a few weeks ago that the scientologists were opening a local chapter, didn’t think of that yesterday.

So, what’s my point as this somehow falls outside of my blogging parameters. It kind of scared me. There are many easy targets out there that could fall for this, especially in the financial crisis that is sweeping the world. I don’t like it when someone tries to convince another of the right way to live, and particularly not those who are using people.

Also, I learned something from South Park. Who would’ve thought?


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