Two PSAs

I usually don’t do PSAs. But now I’m going to. Two PSAs in one post. I’m getting on my high horse. The first one is just for you; the second is a good deed. I’ve done both of these things in the past month.

PSA one; Pap Smear

It’s a procedure that takes five minutes. The procedure is done to detect early cell changes on the cervix; if unnoticed and untreated, these changes can lead to cervical cancer. Sure it’s an uncomfortable situation. However, if it goes beyond cell changes and more radical treatment is needed, I’m sure that that situation will be more uncomfortable. Not to mention, scary.

It seriously took me five minutes to get my Pap Smear. I still have to wait for the results, but if they have found cell changes in an early stage it is easily treatable. These should be done on a three year-interval; I shamefully must admit that it’s been four years since my last test. But now I’m back on track.

Considering that this is something you do for yourself, there really is no excuse not to do it. So just get it done. It might be embarrassing and uncomfortable while there, but it passes quickly and you’ll find out if you’re healthy or will need a minor treatment.

The other PSA is not for you, it’s a good deed. We all expect that if something was to happen to ourselves or a loved one, the closest hospital will help us. While that is true, there is still one thing that money can’t buy. The hospital may have the latest equipment, great doctors and nurses, but the one thing money cannot buy is blood.

This is why I’m a blood donor.

It takes about 30 minutes; you donate a pint of blood. You’re not supposed to do heavy exercise after that, but besides that, it’s not really noticeable in you. Where I go you get juices and lemonades, also some bread and cookies. You’re supposed to eat before donating and make sure that you stay hydrated, other than that, it’s nothing to it. You have to sincerely fill out a form regarding your health and the blood gets tested before it’s put to use. That means that you’ll get a health check when donating blood as well; you’ll get tested for HIV and hepatitis and your blood value gets a check as well.

Think about it. Can you take 30 minutes out of your time every three to four months to do something valuable? To ensure that the patients that come into a hospital can get the treatment they need. The next time it may be someone close to that needs blood. I would expect it to be there for them, so I’ll do my share to make sure. Can you do yours?


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