New Projects and Jealousy

I haven’t had the time lately to be crafty, we’ve had plans for many weekends and in the evenings there’s so much else that needs to be done. I would prefer to be able to sit at least an hour with any project, but maybe I should realise that I can’t spoil myself like that and instead just do a little work whenever I have some extra time.

I will from now on try to be less controlled by the TV and in stead do things. Crafting or taking walks. I was at a party this weekend and my, all the girls were skinny, I felt so big. Then I thought to myself that why spend two hours each night in front of the TV in stead of doing things? So I’m trying to change.

As for new projects, I don’t know why, but I got an urge to sew aprons. I have one, store-bought, that is pretty ugly and old. So I would love to make myself two aprons, one full and one half. Here’s where the jealousy comes in. Whenever I look at other blogs, Burdastyle, any place where I can see creations really, I get jealous. Everyone has such fabulous fabrics, and writes about visiting several stores just soaking up the inspiration there. I don’t have many fabric stores near me. In the town where I work there’s two fashion fabric stores (the others are more for interior design and curtains), one in the other nearby town and that’s it. Three stores relatively nearby. And there’s not much rotation on the fabrics so very often it’s the same things every time I go there. So, yes, I’m jealous of those having plenty of stores to choose from.

But for now it’ll be a plaid maxi dress and possibly some aprons (if I can find a good fabric for it in my stash).

However, I don’t think it will be much crafting in the near future, because on Sunday I’m leaving for Paris. I will be there for one week, returning on the next Sunday, so that’s two weekends “to waste”.


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