Oh, Make Me Over

Anyone recognise the title?

I’m in sort of a makeover phase right now. I’m re-inventing myself. I don’t really have that much clothes, and I’m tired of the ones I have. For example, I only had one pair of pants. I’m not kidding. So if the weather’s not up for skirts, I’ve been wearing the same pants every day. They bore me and they get worn out quicker. I have been to several shops and malls, but I haven’t found anything. On Wednesday, after squeezing into an old pair of pants (which I did only for variation) I decided something needed to be done.

I booked an appiontment with my hairdresser, for Thursday, and told myself I couldn’t go home without a new pair of pants (I had found a pair of dark jeans that I like, they didn’t feel summery enough but I knew they were my backup plan), at least. I bought those jeans, a white tunic top, a pair of grey pants and a floral top. After my long searches of my personal style (link may be up later, until then, check the archive) I have decided to go for a romantic/feminine/modern hippie look.

Then yesterday I made my way to the hairdresser. I had been thinking about cutting my hair for a while, so I just said I wanted it to my jawline, it used to be to my armpit. She asked me several times if I was really sure, and during the cutting whether I would regret it. But I just felt relief. I felt so good that I couldn’t figure out why I hadn’t done it before.

I was in luck with the hairdresser as well. I had cut my hair nine times with her, that meant the tenth time (aka this one) would be free. I got it for free, then I learnt she’s changing salons after her vacation, so I probably couldn’t have used my free haircut. It was meant to be. So, some new clothes, a new haircut, I feel great today.

Many people (women) have commented on how I dared to cut my hair off. It’s just hair, it’ll grow back if I miss it. Plus I felt boring in my old hair, it was either just hanging or tied up in the ponytail, the ends were worn, I can’t really think of anything I liked about it so I’m just relieved and happy. I bought some new hairpins and look forward to using them.

Even if it’s just a small one, a makeover can do wonders for how you feel. I currently feel great.


If you don’t recognise the title, you should know I stole it from Hole’s Celebrity Skin.


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