The Elusive Plaid

I feel like I, in most of my recent sewing related posts, have talked about this gorgeous plaid fabric I have. It still is gorgeous, but I thought I’d share just how gorgeous it is.

Behold! the elusive plaid:

I really like that it is soft in the colours. As you can see in the top picture, it is intended for a maxi dress. I think I may need to buy lining since my guess is that it will be see-through otherwise. I think I have enough lining for the bodice, but not for the skirt part.

There you go, my elusive plaid. Isn’t it gorgeous? Sadly though, I have hardly made it farther along than what the picture indicates, I have zig-zagged one skirt piece that’s it. I can’t believe that with this gorgeous fabric the inspiration isn’t just coming to me. It could be the lack of lining that is haunting me, I know I can’t finish it, heck I can’t even get very far without lining.

Hopefully, there will be a dress soon (soon enough so that it can actually be worn this summer).


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