Fall Fashion

Today is the last day of vacation, meaning starting Monday, no matter the weather, I know we are going towards fall. I don’t really mind fall, just the rain. I do like cozying up inside with a warm drink, a good book, a project. Also I do like fall fashion. The deep, rich colours, the layering, I’m kind of looking forward to it.

The problem though, is that I don’t know how I want to look this fall. I’m not particularly happy with my current fall warderobe and I don’t know what I want. I’m a bit happy with myself, with the clothes I found for summer. They were not that many, but in a way I felt they were cohesive and represented one style. This opposed to previous years when I’ve bought several pieces that looked great individually but I could not make “outfits”. I still have problems with that, but I’m getting there. Another “problem” I have is that my friends and family don’t care too much about fashion and I always end up feeling overdressed.

The two style icons I like are Rory and Lorelai Gilmore. They always look so nice and I want to try and mimic that. Now with the weather getting colder I hope I will be more inspired to make clothes. Too bad about the clothes I’ve already cut, but hopefully my size won’t change too much because summer will come again. I’m looking at different free patterns right now, finding some interesting clothes, but it’s also about finding the perfect fabric to go with each piece. I would like to try different things for my daily warderobe I hope I can get there.

Fall thinking begins today. I might even pop into a fabric store just to get the ball rolling.


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