Eitchy’s Fall 2009 Collection

Last year I didn’t have a proper fall collection since I was moving. This year I’m filled with inspiration, I drafted my first pattern today even though I don’t have a fabric for that garment yet. What I have on my wish list so far:

Wrap Skirt
This skirt is actually inspired by a skirt I had in my early teens. I still think it would work. A wrap skirt in an autumn-fabric (I haven’t been to a fabric store yet). The closure will be leather/fake leather belts, two or three, connecting the under- and overlaps. I think I will have a zipper in the back to make the skirt easier to get in and out of. Knee-length. This was the pattern I drafted today, actually.

Plaid Skirt
Since I’m not good at pattern-making (the above mentioned skirt was made using my pattern drafting book) this can be challenge, or not. I want an A-line skirt in plaid with an assymetric yoke around the waist. I will check the internet for pattern or tutorial, but it doesn’t seem like a hard skirt to draft.

Mock Wrap Top
I liked this pattern in BWoF 1/2009 and I have a fabric for it as well. However, I was not in the mood of making a fall/winter garment this spring so I have saved it for now. Since I have both the fabric and the pattern it might just be my first project.

I’m seeing a cape-like cardigan before me. I will close it with a belt. I have the Esther pattern at home so I might do that in a lightweight knit.

Fitted vest
I did the Franzi vest last year, but I was not pleased with much about it. I had chosen a fabric I didn’t really care for and my execution was off. The fit was not good in the end. I do want to give the pattern, and myself, a new chance at making this into a fitted vest.

Pullover Top
Once upon a time I made the Celeste dress. As with Franzi the fit was off. I’m going to give this pattern a new chance as well, but making it into a pullover top (which would be the Maddy).

Seeing this list, and reminding myself that I would go for a romantic/modern hippie look, well, I think I was off then. I think I like everyday/casual rocker better. I’m not going to dress like a rocker, obviously, but I think I like those elements better. It’s so hard when you want different styles for different seasons. Let’s see how long I can stick with the rocker element style.

That’s what I have on my wish list so far for my fall collection. Stay tuned for fabric shopping, execution and, hopefully, final creations!


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